Anhydrite — is a cryptocurrency that is mined during the construction of "Open Crypto Pyramids". 

How does it work?

In order to take part in the construction of "Open Crypto Pyramids" and receive a reward in the form of new Anhydrite coins, as well as become an investor who will receive constant dividends from such construction for the entire time of the existence of the pyramids, it is necessary to purchase at least one token in any of these pyramids.

How to purchase a token?

To get started, you need a MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet. How to install it is described on this page, whereas how to configure it to work with pyramids is described here. If you already have a wallet, you need to fill it with Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency. The sum to fill it depends on how many tokens you want to purchase and from which pyramid, taking into account also the commission that will be charged to the network validators. BNB cryptocurrency can be purchased from any cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance, and then transferred to the MetaMask wallet.

When your MetaMask wallet is replenished with the required amount of BNB, select the page of the pyramid where you want to purchase the token. On the pyramid page, you need to perform a simple action: go to the "Purchase a Random Token" block, agree to the "Disclaimer", click the "Buy Token" button, then confirm this action in the pop-up window of the MetaMask wallet. When the transaction is completed, you will receive a notification and a link to the information page.

What to do next?

After purchasing a token in the pyramid, you can periodically visit the page of this pyramid, check the earnings and withdraw them to your own wallet.

The received Anhydrite cryptocurrency can be immediately sold on the exchange or held while waiting for more profitable prices for sale.

Practical advice:

The investor is not obliged, and may not take any actions at all after purchasing the token. In any case, all tokens from his account will be bought by other participants thanks to the capabilities of the site, which has the function "Purchase a Random Token". This function selects among all tokens the one with the smallest list of investors. Such an opportunity is created in order to level the construction of the pyramid, and to enable participants to choose the most economically profitable token for purchase: the fewer investors owned a particular token in the past, the more profits can be obtained from it in the future.

However, if an investor wants to recover his expenses as soon as possible and receive higher dividends, he can offer others to buy tokens containing his wallet address using the "Purchase a Token With an Address" functionality of the site. This function also selects the token that contains the least number of investor addresses, but it is a prerequisite that the specified wallet address is included in the list. This way, each such purchase of other tokens for this position will bring dividends to the investor.

The most advanced investors who want to receive maximum dividends can create their own web page or site and connect them to any of the pyramids, where they can implement the possibility to "Purchase a Token With an Address" with the address of their wallet. Then they can advertise the page or site, inviting new participants not to the project's main site, but to their own. This option will involve new participants who will buy only those tokens, the purchase of which will bring dividends to this investor.


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Structures of «Open Crypto Pyramids» are created as a method of minting Anhydrite cryptocurrency. The functionality of these structures guarantees one hundred percent that when investing in any of the pyramids of the Anhydrite project, except for the test one, the User receives a fixed number of ANH coins, depending on the specific pyramid.

Structures of «Open Crypto Pyramids» also have all the necessary functionality for the possibility of returning values that were used for investments and for possible receipt of profits in the form of dividends, but do not guarantee this.

None of the information contained herein should be taken as a recommendation or advice and is not a guide to action. All actions based on the information presented here are performed at the sole discretion of the initiator of such actions, based on his own assessment of all risks and possible returns. The Anhydrite project and its Administration bear no responsibility for the consequences of these actions.

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