Our coin has been added to the new MintMe cryptocurrency exchange!

We invite everyone to visit this wonderful project. There you will be able to trade Anhydrite cryptocurrency and many other coins. You will also get many other additional features. Be sure to visit MintMe and you will be pleasantly surprised!

We have got some changes on BscScan. We update the information about the project, added the ANH icon, links to social media and the general description. From now on, our project can fully be considered unique! We have taken another step that brings Anhydrite closer to success!

Our first Airdrop for the total amount of 2 million ANH is underway! It doesn't mean it will all be given away, the Airdrop may be stopped earlier.

You don't have to take any additional actions, it's completely free. The only limit is 25 ANH coins per wallet. Though, you can use any number of wallets.

To get Anhydrite cryptocurrency for free, you need to have a MetaMask wallet configured to work with the "Binance Smart Chain" network, which must have a minimum amount to pay the network fee (about 0.0007 BNB).

Just click on the button and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

Verification on BscScan

The smart contract of our Anhydrite cryptocurrency has been verified on the BscScan blockchain browser, we have also submitted a request to fill in information about Anhydrite, including adding the ANH coin icon.


How to purchase Anhydrite 10 times cheaper than its original cost?

We have created a separate, special smart contract. To purchase ANH coins you don't have to do any special actions, you only need to send any amount of BNB to the address of this smart contract and in return you will receive Anhydrite in the ratio of 1/10000, that is, for example, for 1 BNB - 10000 ANH.

But, in addition to this, there is another bonus 

The Smart contract, which is responsible for distributing Anhydrite, also generates NFTs. For this reason, there are certain conditions for this Smart contract: when transferring to a smart contract address, if the transfer amount is 50, 5, 0.5 or 0.05 BNB, the Investor will additionally receive a special NFT, that is certificate token:


Golden Certificate First Investor. Anhydrite's First Fundraising Campaign [AFFC]


Golden Certificate First Investor. Anhydrite's First Fundraising Campaign [AFFC]


Golden Certificate First Investor. Anhydrite's First Fundraising Campaign [AFFC]


Golden Certificate First Investor. Anhydrite's First Fundraising Campaign [AFFC]

If the payment amount does not match the above, the required amount of Anhydrite will still be transferred to the investor's address, but he will not receive the NFT certificate.

When investing, you need to be careful and make sure that your wallet supports interaction with BEP-20 and BEP-721 tokens, otherwise you will not be able to get Anhydrite cryptocurrency and NFT certificates.

These NFT certificates are realized only in the process of the first crowdsale, so their number is limited. Do not miss your chance to receive at least one of these NFTs because in the future, they will be quite valuable collectible tokens!

How to invest? 

Transfer any amount of BNB to the Anhydrite First Fundraising Campaign (AFFC) smart contract address: 0x547Fc8bF64B80A2CE8391b91F2Ba8bF259d95Db8. In return you will receive Anhydrite cryptocurrency in your wallet.

We are on BitcoinTalk

We now have our own branch on the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency forum, BitcoinTalk

We invite all investors, members and visitors of the Anhydrite project to participate in discussions of our project on this forum.

Beginning of the «Cheops» stage

Today we can proudly announce that the preparatory stage of development of the project Anhydrite, called «Ophiuchus» is completed and a new stage of development, «Cheops», has begun!

This was a difficult period, at the beginning of which all preparations were made for the full-fledged functioning of the «Cheops» stage, that will start with deployment of Anhydrite and Pyramids smart contracts in the «Binance Smart Chain (BSC)» blockchain.

There are still many important steps ahead. During this stage, we will maximally develop our online community, encourage investors, negotiate with cryptocurrency exchanges and increase the number of Anhydrite cryptocurrency holders using all available opportunities, and especially by popularizing «Open crypto pyramids».