About the pyramids

The pyramid is built from blocks - special tokens, so-called NFTs.

When buying one token, it is cloned during the transaction, and the buyer receives two identical tokens as a result, the only difference between them is the ID.

In the same transaction, the entire amount that was paid when buying this token is divided in half:

  • one part is returned to the balance of the seller in the pyramid, as compensation for his investments
  • the second is shared equally between all former owners of this token (these are dividends)

As a result, if the participant sells two tokens received by him when buying one, he already returns all his investments and can withdraw them from the balance of the pyramid to his wallet at any time. And in the future, he receives a net profit, without any risks.

By buying the first token, you will create your own branch (your own "pyramid"), which means your address will be present in every subsequent token clones (no matter how many of them will be created after you) and when selling any of them, you will receive dividends indefinitely. It is impossible to refuse accrued dividends on your balance in the pyramid.

Is it possible to increase profits?

Yes, it is possible. The first step you can take is not to wait for your tokens to be redeemed "randomly", but to find buyers and invite them to take your tokens using the "Buy Token by ID" method.

After you have redeemed tokens, you can offer others to buy tokens containing your address using the "Buy Token Containing Address" method.

The more tokens containing your address are sold, the higher your profits will be, because you need to take into account that everyone who bought these tokens from you is also interested in their further distribution.

How to place a sell button on your website?

To see instructions for creating a website to sell your tokens visit our Github page.

First of all, you need to buy a token in any of the pyramids. Then, you can create your website or page where you can place ready-made scripts, thanks to which visitors of your site will buy only those tokens that have your address. It means, that from every such sale you will receive dividends.

There are no restrictions on the number of sales, you can earn almost endlessly.

You can withdraw your profits at any time convenient for you, there are no restrictions on the minimum amount and frequency of withdrawal either.